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With the hospitality industry rapidly growing already being the second largest employer in the State of Georgia, FireSide is pleased to be one of their suppliers. FireSide Natural Gas is a proud supporter and member of the Georgia Restaurant Association (GRA) and the Georgia Hotel and Lodging Association (GHLA). With creative energy solutions for large national chains, franchises, and locally owned restaurants, FireSide has many options to meet the energy needs of this critical market segment in Georgia including:

  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Franchise Group Rates
  • Corporate Consolidated Purchasing
  • Customized Rate Plans
  • Single meter or consolidated meter billing
  • Online customer portal
  • Specialized reporting for consumption and billing information

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FireSide Keeps it Cozy

"FireSide allows us to turn up the heat in those fall and winter months when our customers come in to stay cozy and sip a latte. When the heat of the spring creeps in, we're able to turn it off without hassle. It's one less thing for us to think about as business owners, and for that, we're beyond grateful!"

- Henry & Kascha A. of Kupcakerie