Frequently Ask Questions

How do I apply for natural gas service for my business?
To sign up for service, complete the following request link and select the rate that works best for your business.  Commercial Service Signup | FireSide Natural Gas 

You may call (678) 872-0250 or toll-free (866) 517-0250 and speak with a Customer Relations Specialist if you have further questions or special requests.
Does FireSide Natural Gas require a deposit?
No. FireSide Natural Gas does not require a deposit for business account. You must have a satisfactory credit rating through Credit-Safe USA OR provide 12 recent and consecutive utility invoices showing no late payments. Sole proprietors may secure accounts with their personal credit.
What are the Terms and Conditions for FireSide Natural Gas?
See the link below for our full terms and conditions. 
Terms and Conditions
Do I need to let my current provider know I am switching to FireSide?
No. FireSide Natural Gas will request the switch through the Atlanta Gas Light system and your current provider will automatically be notified.
Will my current provider charge cancellation fees if I switch to FireSide?
If you are in a contract, you may be assessed a cancellation fee. Review the terms and conditions with your current marketer to determine if a cancellation fee will be charged.
What is the ISPC charge I see on my invoice?
An interstate capacity charge is a commercial transportation charge that is based on your DDDC as determined by Atlanta Gas Light. The Interstate Pipeline Capacity Charge is a fee for transportation of gas through the interstate pipelines from the gas producing regions to Georgia. FireSide Natural Gas will assess a full charge for each service period regardless of the number of service days.
I would like to set up an online profile to manage account information for my business. How do I do that?
To setup a new account in FireSide's online portal, use the following link and click create profile to register for access. FireSide Natural Gas 

Once you have created a username and password, you will need to enter your FireSide Customer Number and the last four digits of your Federal Tax ID to complete the set up. 

If you need assistance setting up your online profile, you may call (678) 872-0250 and a Customer Relations Specialist will be happy to assist you.
Is my business eligible for HB386?
Please read over a summary of HB386 to determine eligibility requirements. If eligible, please print and complete forms ST-5M and ST-5M Addendum. Completed exemption forms may be submitted:

Via email - Brandi Kirkpatrick [email protected]
By fax - (678) 872-0254
Why do I have two base charges on my bill?
Base Charges are pass through fees from Atlanta Gas Light. You will be billed 12 base charges every calendar year. Depending on the date your meter is read you may see 2 base charges one month’s invoice and no base charge on either the prior month’s invoice or the following month’s invoice. This often happens if your meter reading is scheduled on or around the 1st of the month. Because the AGLC base charge is directly from Atlanta Gas Light Company, no marketer has any impact on that fee.
What is a NYMEX + plan?
A NYMEX + plan allows you to lock in a fixed adder per therm for a specific duration of time. (6, 12, 24, 36 months)   During this time your final billed per therm rate will be the NYMEX monthly settlement price plus your per therm adder.  This plan provides you the benefit to take full advantage of the market year round by locking into a fixed rate during the most favorable times. 
Do you service the whole state of Georgia?
We service all of the deregulated areas that are on the Atlanta Gas Light Pipeline System.  AGL Service Map 

Who is Atlanta Gas Light?
Atlanta Gas Light is the entity that owns the pipeline system that the gas marketers (FireSide) use to deliver the gas.  Click the link to watch a quick video about how the partnership works!